Blown by a Ladyboy

Still another one interactive hentai flick from"Funny-games" studio. Which really is more video than interactive game - everything that you are able to do would be managing the playback by pausing it manually or hasty forwarding it. Enjoy the movie, rewatch the moments that you liked the maximum or pause to check every detail of particular minutes. This episode is known as"Blown by a Ladyboy". 1 fellow is attempting fresh massage stool with automatic style if fairly youthful gal who is flashing him this stool is going to offer him a blowjob as a bonus! And even if he finds that this female looking like a boy it is very difficult to say no to this kind of mouth. Soon you will find out that this was payment for maintaining a key... If you luved this brief videogame then see developer's website for more!

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