FT: Christmas Desire

In this story from Fucktown you will meet Ryan - a twenty-one year old man who fantasies about having beautiful gf yet his attempts of getting one all fail every moment. And he had been deperate enough to compose a letter to Santa bout it! However, is it even in Santa's powers (not to mention his area of interests) to create such things to occur? It is xmas season in Fucktown - so how can you believe? Ofcoruse it will! Butit will happen you'll find out if you can play with this game . The game is colorific and well drawn so it could easily bring some joy and joy into your life! And in case you will enjoy it (if you enoy it) do not forget to chekc our site for more interactive tales from Fucktown and you'll see that you don't have to wait for xmas time to create some sex-magic to take place. Play now »