Rack [v 1.1]

In this agme you will become the most prominent person who will discover the most authentic sexual pleasure... however, the whole thing will be conducted using scientific techniques and techniques, so don't assume that you will be the primary lover all the time since it's actually quite contrary - you will not be a participant in the physical aspect of this experience at all, with the exception of to manage it through the control room of the laboratory. All that is need to do to set the stage is to decide the test subjects you want to play first - besides the usual set of male and female humans there will be some sexually attractive animal characters too! Try different stimulations and teasings and be aware of their body reactions to determine the most reliable method of reaching an orgasm! Play now »

Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf ALPHA v.0.285

Very stylish looking escapade game which combines quest-like gameplay with humorous and sexual content and also has a set of characters taking parts in crazy narrative plot - that's what you can say about"Pigglet in Mrs Big Bad Werewolf". But what will give a embarking shove ? Only Pigglets desire of getting a free-for-all meal if for that he will have to visit a monster damsels cafe! Telling you more would ruin a lot of surprises and besides it will be better if you will explore this world by yourself because it might get helpfull in solving neighborhood puzzles and other quests. Additionally don;t leave behind to check our site for other escapade of Pigglet an dhis friends as well as advanced editions of previosu scenes! Play now »

Legend of Krystal v2

In this flash game you will go in search of venture to protect the fairy kingdom. You will be able to select a few characters such as passing. It will be Princess Peach or Link. Needless to say, the plot will be downright unique when the game is played by a masculine and female character. So, if you pick a male character, all of the ladies will want to have sex with you. As an example, Princess Daisy will first-ever give you a facehole blowage and then you can splash her face with hot sperm. Next, visit the dark woods and beat the lead. Then fuck her in a tight culo. You will really like to try this. Continue your experiences in a nation that is fabulous. Do it. Play now »