Legend of Krystal v2

In this flash game you will go in search of venture to protect the fairy kingdom. You will be able to select a few characters such as passing. It will be Princess Peach or Link. Needless to say, the plot will be downright unique when the game is played by a masculine and female character. So, if you pick a male character, all of the ladies will want to have sex with you. As an example, Princess Daisy will first-ever give you a facehole blowage and then you can splash her face with hot sperm. Next, visit the dark woods and beat the lead. Then fuck her in a tight culo. You will really like to try this. Continue your experiences in a nation that is fabulous. Do it. Play now »

Super Princess Peach Bonus Game

You may wonder why you'll find words"Bonus Game" from the title. Well, it is because occasions of this game will happen after Mario has ultimately discovered the correct castle and now will receive his rewards from Princess Peach... yet he left behind to do one thing - he forgot to overcome Bowser before injecting this chamber! So you'll need to hurry up. You will nee dto find all the right actions you can perform with Princess Peach so that you can fuck her and you will have to do it fast enough not ot get caught by Bowser. To add some motivation let us say that Princess Peach here is attracted both ultra-cute and sexy and her amazing bubble ass looks amazing from behind and also the chance of playing it out of Mario's point of view is not something which any worshipper will want to miss! Play now »